Coaching and consulting with a systemic approach

You are in the driver’s seat…

… and I support you with useful tools and strategies to achieve your goals.

Constance Dannenberg Coach_Career Counselor Mentor

Why work with me?

Often people describe me as having ‘infectious positivity’ for life in general – it’s pretty contagious actually!

I ‘get’ your context. I empathise with the challenges, opportunities and changes you are facing in the rapidly changing world we are living in. I provide support, encouragement and challenge – as much as you want – let me know where you are at on the ‘stretch’ scale when we start our collaboration.

I help you ‘walk the talk’.  It is all very well having a great vision or strategy. But if you can not implement it well, it is just another thing that gets filed away on your hard drive or sits on a bookshelf somewhere..

I speak action.

Autor Constance Dannenberg

My Offer

Professional Coaching | Workshop Facilitation | Consulting Services

Together we can work out exactly what your needs are. I offer three key programmes, outlined below: Strengths-based coaching and facilitation to support individuals and teams to thrive and direct their unique talents. In addition, consultancy services to assist in the development of a vision, mission and purpose statement.


Strengths-based coaching for individuals and teams for improved wellbeing, higher engagement in teams, increased productivity and & collaborative team relationships. Using on top Systemic Coaching for a sustainable development.



Facilitating team away days, designed to fit your goals and outcomes. Creating a deeper sense of purpose, belonging and motivation to do their best work.




Developing Vision, Purpose and Mission for organisations to help develop vision, mission and purpose collateral that not only looks good but can actually walk the talk.



Constance Dannenberg Coach Career-Counselor Mentor

Professional Coaching

Build self-awareness and appreciation of your own strengths and those of others you work with. Learn how to apply your strengths in your work. 

I work with individuals and teams to understand your strengths and weaknesses and how to manage both more effectively. You will build self-awareness and appreciation of your own unique strengths and learn to apply these to your work and life.

This results in improved wellbeing, higher engagement in teams, increased productivity and collaborative team relationships.

Certified Gallup Strengths Coach

As a certified coach I am trained to help you flourish by helping you focus on doing more of what you naturally do best.

Did you know that individuals who focus on using their strengths are…

  • 3 x as likely to report having an excellent quality of life
  • 6 x as likely to be engaged in their jobs
  • increase their productivity by 7.8%.*

Did you know that teams that focus on using their strengths…

  • achieve more daily
  • look forward to going to work
  • increase profit by up to 29%
  • increase engagement by up to 7%
  • have more positive than negative interactions with colleagues
  • treat stakeholders and customers better
  • have more positive, creative and innovative moments.*

As a Gallup® certified Strengths Coach and Systemic Coach & Consultant, I will use the techniques that are best suited to your needs.

*Source: Gallup

Constance Dannenberg GALLUP zertifizierter Coach StrengthsCoach Staerkencoach CliftonStrengths-Coach_StrengthsFinder Coaching
Gallup zertifizierter Stärken Coach

“Strengths-based teams understand each other and
value each person’s unique contribution.”

– Gallup –

Workshop Facilitation

Just one day invested in your team, which could otherwise take a year to achieve in the office.

Come away from an away day I have facilitated and you will feel a deeper sense of purpose, belonging and motivation in your group to do your best work yet.

Your bucket will be filled, you will be more focused on the things that matter, and you will have got to know your colleagues a lot better than before.

Want to get everyone on the boat rowing together? Get them in the right places on the boat.

Constance Dannenberg Stärkencoach CliftonStrengths-Coach

Bringing someone in to facilitate means you can actually focus on contributing

You want your team to get along better together and collectively focus on the goals you want them to achieve, but you are not sure how to make this happen.  You need to find someone good to facilitate the time you have together so you can make the most of this time invested for your team. 

I will work with you to design an agenda for a workshop for your team, which fits the culture of your team.  I will ask you about your goals and the outcomes you are wanting to achieve in bringing the team together. 

Your job will be to bring everyone together on the day.  My job will be to facilitate the room and get everyone engaged via creative and innovative exercises, providing energy and motivation to support the team to collectively contribute to the outcomes for the day. 

Constance Dannenberg Stärkencoach CliftonStrengths-Coach

Consulting Services

I provide consultancy services to support your organisation to develop vision, purpose and mission collateral that not only look good, but can actually walk the talk.

Learn the difference between Purpose (the why), Mission (the how) and Vision (the where).  And how to bring others along with you through an effective communication and engagement strategy.

It is all very well having a great organisational vision and it is quite another challenge actually putting it into practice.

Needing some support?

Not only will I produce results in the timeframe we agree, but I will also share as much as I can with others to build up your capability in-house to help you future-proof.

“The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.”
Michael Porter

Getting started

Working with me is a straightforward process, as easy as one, two, three!


Book a 30 mins Zoom (or MS Teams) consultation to find out more about how I can best support you.


We will discuss your needs and current challenges and opportunities you are facing and what you are most wanting out of hiring external support.


You will get a clearer idea of how I can best support you and whether I am available to help you within your timeframes.

Testimonials from my clients

“Constance accompanies me and my team on our strengths journey and has helped us to learn more about our own strengths, understand our team dynamics and bring us much closer together as a team.
She has a strong empathy for each of us and always takes our wishes and needs into account.
I highly recommend Constance. Having her at my side is a great asset, as she has a variety of methods up her sleeve, which she uses specifically depending on the situation.

Thank you for your coaching Constance, it has not only helped me personally but also the whole team“

Marina Jeworutzki
Head of Department Applications Accounting & Controlling, Endress+Hauser Group

Constance coached me for over seven months. She helped me find the right career path for me with her very professional approach and empathetic nature. The strengths coaching helped me to recognise and value my strengths. Thanks to her I have gone through a valuable development process in the last few months. I am very grateful to her and would recommend her to anyone!

Susanne Fichtner-Feigl
Founder & CEO, ff2-Consulting GmbH

„Constance supported me in a Gallup CliftonStrength assessment in February 2023. During the Coaching session Constance helped me to understand my strengths and weaknesses and how to manage both most effectively. She did so in a very professional way and I felt very comfortable during the whole process. It’s a pleasure to recommend Constance as a Strengths Coach for you personally or for your organisation.

Christopher Zorn
Director Human Resources, Essity Germany

“I took advantage of Constance’s strengths coaching and I can say quite clearly that I did not expect such success for myself. My goal was to learn more about my strengths. I ended up learning much more about myself than I expected. In particular, about how I can use my strengths to focus better on my job, to manage the day-to-day business and to be a better leader. This also applies to my personal life, which I want to focus on more in the future. I can highly recommend a coaching with Constance.”

Simon E.
Department Manager, Automotive Supplier

“The best idea I’ve ever had (based on a recent jelly bean advert)” – I can’t say it better in my own words. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, Constance, for your guidance from the standstill back into the flow: the flow of writing, the flow of ideas, the flow of work, the flow of inflow, the flow of energy, the flow of life… and thank you also for your “help for self-help” in relation to my inner boundary flow, alternating flow and reflux. All may – nothing must.

“No one can build you the bridge on which you of all people must step across the river of life, no one but you alone.” ~Friedrich Nietzsche

With this in mind
all my love

Tamara D.
Environmental Education & Health Press Service

Our coaching had depth and helped me to trust myself and my strengths. Constance guided me through the whole process with professionalism and sensitivity. I am very grateful to her for standing by me during an exciting time and helping me to build a solid foundation. “

Kerstin M.
Business coach and mentor to online entrepreneurs

“Constance works in a very focused way and quickly understands where to start. She quickly created a relaxed, personal and positive atmosphere in which I felt very comfortable. With her warmth she supported me very much in my process of finding my strengths. I can now use the insights I have gained in my professional and private life. This makes things easier for me. I can highly recommend Constance!“

Karin K.
Social insurance expert

“It was with excitement and curiosity that I decided to do Strengths Coaching with Constance and I can say that my expectations were exceeded! With her empathetic and positive manner, Constance guided me professionally. Many things became clearer to me. After the coaching I already had some moments of insight and was able to handle difficult situations in my job better. I would like to thank Constance for her input and output.“

Bettina K.
Commercial employee in the construction industry

„My strengths coaching with Constance was very exciting and enlightening. Some things were completely new, others were familiar and were refreshed and re-examined through the coaching. The beauty of it all is that I can use the insights not only for my career and professional environment. The coaching with Constance was also very helpful for my daily family life and my private environment. On top of that, Constance’s sympathetic and professional way of working with me – it was simply fun, motivated me enormously and took me further!”

Sina B.
Self-employed entrepreneur and family manager